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Portable massage bed


Portable massage table

Close dimension: 75 x 100 x 22 cm
Weight: 15 kg


  • Teak wood

  • Agathis wood

  • Brass

  • Vinyl

Color available:

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Off white



Opening the bed:

  1. As on picture vinyl handles are facing up. Release the lock
  2. Slowly open the bed, do not force the legs when they open
  3. Make sure all cables are free and not caught on the legs as a bed
  4. Remove the face cradle support and cushion from the attachment strip on the inside of the bed
  5. Open and turn the bed towards you with your foot locking one of the legs to place it in an upright position
  6. Place the face cradle support in the holes. Place the cushion on top and adjust according to your need
  7. The legs can be adjusted to the height most comfortable for the person giving the massage
  8. Cover the bed with fitted sheet and top cover as desired

Closing the bed:

  1. Remove the face cradle and cushion from the bad frame
  2. Put the massage bed on side position with the wheels on the floor
  3. Place the face cradle cushion and support back onto the velcro attachment strips. Make sure they fit exactly
  4. Make sure all cables are properly positioned
  5. Slowly close the bed; ensure vinyl handles are not caught inside. Never force the portable when it closes
  6. Lock the portable properly
  7. Place back in storage bag

How to clean:

Make sure to maintain the vinyl with the vinyl cleaner for oily areas after each use

General information:

Always check bed condition before use.
Always ensure weight is evenly spread on both side of the table to allow both cable to work with same tension.
Never seat two people on the center of the bed.
Do not jump on the bed! Do not allow children to jump on it.
Follow illustrated instructions on reverse page.
Should you have purchased the accessory “Front Arm Extension” do not put excessive pressure on it.

Conditions and warranty:

  1. The portable massage bed is guaranteed and tester to support up to 150 kilos of weight. Excessive weight can cause damage to the beds
  2. Any wooden parts (a,b) or cables (c) that malfunction within 90-days will be replaced free of charge. After 90 days all service will be charged at cost
  3. The transport is not including any delivery charge
  4. The bed cover has been deemed to be in good condition. An rips or tears or needs for recovering will be at the full cost of bed owner


Portable massage table


IDR4 300 000