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Portable massage chair

Folding massage chair

A. Adjustable face cradle:  Face cradle can be adjusted both on rotation and height for maximum comfort.
B. Adjustable ArmRest:  Can be adjusted in 2 different position.
C. Adjustable chest cushion:  Chest cushion with body contoured for greater comfort of both men and women. Adjustable upward and downward.
D. Floor level buttons


Portable massage chair


IDR4 300 000


Folding size: 140 x 55 x 25cm
Open size: 82 x 55 x 122 cm

Weight and resistance:

Weight: 12 kg
Maximum load: 100 kg

Color available:

  • Off white

  • Brown

  • Green olive

  • Dark green

  • Expresso

Our portable massage chairs are delivered with carrying bag.