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Espace Spa New Product Private Back Massage Class

Due to public requests, Espace Spa is now preparing to teach massage to our clients. Our senior staff will be the instructors. We will teach a REAL BACK MASSAGE only, considering very limited client’s time.Client will enjoy and highly benefit from the private tuition compared to other group classes with 8 to 12 students.

This “NO FRILLS” 90 minutes Course is developped for the individual and 120 minutes for couples aiming to help relatives and friends.
The printed 5 pages brochure offer comprehensive photos to memorize techniques.
It also shows the “DO NOT” positions that optimize and save the masseur’s energy. Basic advises are offered .
The aim of our best teaching is for the client / student to LOOK AT, RECEIVE and GIVE the movements.

Schedule Of The Private Course For One Individual: Duration 1hr 30 mns.

FIRST 15 Minutes : The Client RECEIVES the back massage on one side to
comprehend the movements and sequences.
all different movements on his /her model or . our model. Sequence is guided by our instructor.
NEXT 30 Minutes : The Client RECEIVES our 30 minutes Full Back
Espace Signature Massage.

Schedule Of The Private Course For Couple Duration 120 mns.

FIRST 15 Minutes : Student # 2 RECEIVES the 10 movements
from our instructor .
Student # 1 LOOKS AT the whole sequence.

NEXT 30 Minutes : Student # 1 GIVES / PRACTICES the whole step
by step sequence ( 10 movements ) on Student #2. All practice is guided by our instructor.

NEXT 45 Minutes : Students # 1 and # 2 swap positions.

TOTAL 1 Hr 30 mns.

NEXT 30 Minutes : Students # 1 and # 2 RECEIVE our signature
30 mns FULL BACK massage.

A certificate can be delivered if needed.
“ Thank you, more news later “.

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  1. Hello, I am interested in cooking a private couple massage class. Can you tell me how much this will cost?


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