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Private Back Massage Class

Due to public requests, Espace Spa teaches a REAL BACK MASSAGE to our clients. Our senior staff will be the instructors. Client will enjoy and highly benefit from the private tuition compared to other group classes with 8 to 12 students.

This “NO FRILLS” 90 minutes Course is developed for the individual and 120 minutes for couples aiming to help relatives and friends. The printed 5 pages brochure offer comprehensive photos to memorize techniques.

It also shows the “DO NOT” positions that optimize and save the masseur’s energy. Basic advices are offered . The aim of our best teaching is for the client / student to LOOK AT, RECEIVE and GIVE the movements.

Massage class - Espace spa Bali


Schedule of the private course for:


Duration: 1h30

FIRST 15 Minutes: The client receives the back massage on one side to comprehend the movements and sequences.

NEXT 45 Minutes: The client looks at and gives / pratices all different movements on his /her model or . our model. Sequence is guided by our instructor.

LAST 30 Minutes: The client receives our 30 minutes Full Back

Espace signature massage.

Duration: 2h

FIRST 15 Minutes: Student # 2 receives the 10 movements from our instructor. Student # 1 look at the whole sequence.

NEXT 30 Minutes: Student # 1 gives / pratices the whole step by step sequence (10 movements) on student # 2. All practice is guided by our instructor.

NEXT 45 Minutes: Students # 1 and # 2 swap positions.

> Total: 1h30

LAST 30 Minutes: Students # 1 and # 2 receive our signature. 30 mns FULL BACK massage.

A certificate can be delivered if needed.