Have you ever tried a four-handed massage? I’ve had many with varying results. When two practitioners are working in synchronicity the effect is sublime. You lose track of the hands moving over your body as the conscious mind enters into a state of bliss. However, I’ve had several experiences where the four hands weren’t working […]

Californian Massage versus Traditional Oriental

We at Espace Spa Bali , have launched successfully our new signature Californian Massage. We have endeavoured to do trials with our numerous “ repeat guests” so that they could compare both techniques. Evidently the ones who like to feel and get rid off their deep seated tension prefer to stay with the traditional oriental. However the other […]

Surfer’s Massage Promotion

Surfer’s Massage Promotion We have launched this new production for our signature ” Tension Relief Massage ” and its 3 options. This is to bring more awareness to our clients about what they really need rather than reading blindly a brochure. Those 3 options are the fruits of very lengthy efforts and staff training. Orientation […]